Pearls–nature Vs Nurture

Pearls: Why Simulate If They’re Cultured?
Man’s fascination and love with luminous pearls dates back to ancient times. Glorious myths and folklore surrounds this gem which was once reserved only for royalty. Natural pearls, from days of yore, were created from a small irritant being trapped in a mollusk. The organism, out in the wild, would try to rid itself of the pest by secreting nacre over the problem all while trying to survive the elements and attack from predators. It’s a wonder that a pearl ever came into existence.

Because the demand was so high for these natural beauties and the supply was so limited, culturing techniques were developed. Today, we have saltwater pearl culturing which involves a mother of pearl bead nucleus and a piece of mantle tissue and we have freshwater culturing which involves only mantle tissue. Both of these processes allow us to have these glowing gems that have captured our hearts. However, even with culturing, the supply isn’t endless. The method is long and tedious and Mother Nature can still eliminate an entire crop of pearls before a single one is ever harvested.

Fine gem quality pearls are so rare, as only 20% of a pearl harvest will yield pearls suitable for pearl jewelry and only 20% of that will be considered gem quality. So, even a cultured pearl can be quite rare and expensive. Simple demand and lack of supply, as well as man’s desire to mimic nature, has prompted the development of the pearl stimulate.

The creation of simulated pearls actually dates back to the first century when Wang Chhung wrote about a process to make pearls from chemicals that were “just as brilliant as genuine ones” in his book Lun Heng in the year A.D. 83. In the 17th century, a French rosary maker by the name of Jacquin developed a coating made from fish scales and varnish creating “essence d’orient” or pearlessence. He then took glass beads, coated the inside with the solution and then filled them with wax.

Historical records have also shown that Native Americans and people from tribes throughout other parts of the world have created a version of simulated pearl as well using clay beads that have been coated with a fish scale solution and then baked in the sun.

Pearls: Selecting a Sensational Simulate
The whole idea behind wearing a pearl simulate is to capture the beauty and elegance of nature’s prized organic gem…pearl.

Sometimes, just the mere inference of pearls is all that is needed and desired as in the beads generally given away at a New Year’s Eve party or thrown from a float at Mardi gras. For these two instances, inexpensive plastic beads usually fit the bill. These types of pearl simulate only calls for a shape form and a glossy coating for the look of an expensive treasure. Nice quality plastic beads can also create nice quality pearls if the proper techniques and care have been adhered to. In this case, the plastic bead is actually tumbled to remove grinding marks on the surface and then multiple coatings of a pearl film solution are applied to the bead.

Glass beads have been and still are a favored choice for making simulated pearls. One of the most famous pearl simulates using glass beads is the Majoirca Pearl. This jewelry is created in Majorica Spain and originated back in 1890 from a German immigrant Eduardo Hugo Heusch. Hand crafted glass beads are then dipped in a high quality of essence d’orient and polished between each of the coatings. A special final coating is applied to the surface and then the Majorica pearls are put under ultraviolet radiation. The company’s reputation for fine quality demands that a strict code be adhered to so that each lady who receives her Majoirica pearls will be proud of their jewels.

Pearlfection is one of the most widely sought after and collected pearl simulates. This process actually involves using a type of mother of pearl bead nucleus as the base. Multiple coatings of a lab created solution that includes organic matter found around the pearl beds are applied to the nucleus to mimic Mother Nature’s work. The result is “the perfect pearl”. Most ladies who collect and wear Pearlfection enjoy the fact that these pearl simulates are so close to the look, feel and weight of the genuine pearl that friends can rarely tell the difference. This line of created pearl is compared to the rare south sea gems.

Pearls: The Sky’s the Limit with a Fabulous Simulate
With the creation of pearl simulates, now there really is a pearl for every lady. Girls from every walk of life can enjoy the polished look that accessorizing with pearls brings. Fine quality simulated pearls can be likened to the created diamond simulate Moissanite or a good cubic zirconia. The purpose is the same…to own jewelry that looks like you paid so much more than what you really did. The idea is to have pieces that are so well made that others will have a hard time knowing that it isn’t the real deal.

Pearl simulates like Majorica and Pearlfection allow ladies to have look of the luxurious gem quality pearl necklace without the extreme price tag. Not everyone can afford a $75,000 strand of south sea pearls, but with Pearlfection, you can have the look. Is a price tag of $2,000 a bit steep for a pearl bracelet made with fine Japanese pearls? Well, with Majorica, you can have that look for a fraction of the cost.

A nice quality simulated pearl also allows you to build your wardrobe with fine gems quickly. Genuine diamonds, gemstones, gold, silver and even pearls can be mixed and matched effortlessly when combined with fine pearl simulates.

Pearls: How to Care For Simulates
Caring for your simulated pearls is no more difficult than caring for the genuine cultured gems. The principles are very similar. A damp soft cloth is all you need to gently wipe the surface of your jewelry. Never use a professional ultra-sonic machine because harsh chemicals will ruin the surface just like in the case of genuine cultured pearls.

Use the rule of last on first off with your jewelry too. This simply means put your jewelry on AFTER your hairspray, perfume and cosmetics have dried. Then at the end of the day, take them off FIRST.

Take care to not scratch the surface as many of the gems have been treated not only with multiple coatings of pearly substance but also with a final protective coating. Scratching the surface means running the risk of ruining your surface. For all of your jewelry, check the knotting on strands and bracelets. Occasionally have them restrung and knotted if necessary.

It’s always a good idea to adhere to the manufacture’s care tips when cleaning your simulated pearl jewelry. With these few simple care tips, your simulated pearl jewelry can last a lifetime and then some.

By: Nancy Ping

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Forms Of Outdoor Furniture

If you’d like the individuals who visit your house to feel like they’ve stepped into a fairy tale and have got into a home that is owned by a wealthy aristocrat then you certainly should think about establishing the tone outdoors with upscale furniture for your garden. Although this statement appears to be quite dramatic, it is true that having good quality garden furniture sets brings a little class to a property.

Sitting in a garden that is filled with flowers and plants can be an very calming experience. The easiest way to take pleasure in this sort of environment is by buying furniture sets for the garden. These sorts of sets are often sold as outdoor patio sets consisting of a table, four to six seats and a parasol. Garden furniture is built to endure the forces of nature, regardless of the substance it was made from. Nevertheless, there are other benefits and drawbacks to the different types of materials you see in garden furniture sets.

  If the garden furniture set contains some quantity of glass, you will have to be sure that the glass is of high grade quality as that will guarantee its resilience. You’ll need child proof garden furniture sets, when you have children but thankfully additionally there is the option of plastic material furniture. Plastic might not be the most attractive furniture you can get but it is designed to be strong and weather-resistant.

Timber garden furniture pieces certainly are a popular choice in garden furniture sets. Real wood has always topped individuals choices when it comes to garden furniture. No matter if it is just a traditional solid oak bench or even a more contemporary solid oak decorative carving, you will be able to find some thing in your price range.

Among the up and coming trends is resin weave because it has become quite fashionable to have resin weave garden furniture. If you are searching for a more modern type of furniture for the garden, then resin weave items provide a more simplistic and modern feel.

Metal garden furniture has made great strides ever since the 1950’s. Metal garden furniture provides both style and resilience that makes it the popular alternate of oak furniture. In spite of this, if your metal garden furniture is directly in touch with soil, it can easily get rusty, even when it is sprayed using a oxidation preventing solution. One of the greatest reasons for having metal garden furniture is that it’s astonishingly robust. Cast aluminum or metal garden furniture is great because in the long run you may spend less cash for more use.

By: Gregory Woodford-Hayes

Where To Get I Pad Glass Repair

When there is something wrong with the I pad Glass, repair is necessary because you cannot use the instrument if there is something amiss with the screen. This instrument uses the screen touch so when something is wrong, this makes it difficult if not impossible to use the tool. If you want to get I Pad repair, you need to either take it to the Apple store or a store that will fix it for less. If you take it to the Apple store, expect to pay full price for a repair. They may even try to sell you another device. Even if you have insurance, having the screen replaced will cost you an arm and a leg. And if you are not under any sort of warranty, then you will pay that amount. There is a better way.

When you are looking at I Pad glass repair, take a look at what you can get by way of an independent repair shop that will take on I Pad repair. In order to work on the Apple products, the technicians must be well aware of how they work and be certified to work on these products. Not everyone can do this, you need to get those who know how the Apple products are put together and work in order to get a repair. Many computer repair places will be able to fix the PC computers and instruments, but will not be trained to repair the Apple products.

  Naturally, when something goes wrong with the I Pad, your world gets jumbled. This is because you are used to using this instrument and chances are that you use it for everything. People use this tool for work as well as play – it is considered to be the best tablet out there but costs a lot more than the PC tablets. The reason that the Apple products cost more is because they are better products. They are easier to use and run into fewer problems when online. The viruses that attack other PC computers do not seem to affect the Apple products which is one of the reasons that people use them. In addition, they are just simpler instruments to use. They can be used for phones, for downloading and listening to music and videos as well as for a way to surf the web. There are many different products made by Apple, including the Mac computers. They are all considered to be top of the line products.

They usually come with warranties when you purchase them from the store. However, those who purchase them second hand will have a hard time getting the repair work done at the Apple store. They will not be under warranty if they purchased second hand and may have to pay full price for the device. If you are looking for a way to get the best price for any type of repair and also a quality repair done by Apple technicians, then the place to go is an off line store that specializes in repairing those products made by Apple.

By: Vikram Kumar

How To Remove Nicotine From A Cars Interior

If a car has been smoked in then the interior can quickly become coated in nicotine. It will turn all surfaces a yellow/brown colour and infiltrate all parts of the interior leaving it smelling strongly of stale smoke.

Although a nicotine contaminated interior can look and smell really bad, especially to a non smoker, the correct process and products can be used to effectively remove the nicotine and restore it back to a clean, fresh and smoke free standard.

The key to cleaning a nicotine contaminated car is to be as thorough as possible. Every area and surface needs to be properly cleaned. Before cleaning you may want to put on some disposable latex gloves and use an appropriate face mask to prevent you from coming into contact with any nicotine in the air and on the surfaces during cleaning.

To remove the nicotine and clean the surface underneath you can use a designated upholstery cleaning product on the headlining, seating and carpets and a plastic/trim cleaner on the hard surfaces, or you can use a diluted all purpose cleaner on all surfaces which is very effective at cutting through and lifting off the nicotine.

You should begin at the top of the interior with the headlining and work your way down accordingly cleaning a section at a time. Pre treat the areas with your cleaning product then use a damp micro fibre towel to agitate and lift the nicotine off. You will need a bucket of clean warm water to rinse and wring out the micro fibre towel after cleaning a section to prevent you from simply moving nicotine residue around the car.

Hard surfaces should be pre treated and then agitated with a stiff bristled detailing or nail brush to lift the nicotine from the grain, then cleaned with the micro fibre towel to remove the residue. Ensure you clean all areas including sun visors, air vents, & controls/switchgear.

Once the upholstery and plastics & trim have been cleaned you should thoroughly clean the inside of the glass with a designated glass cleaning product, paying particular attention to the windscreen. You may need to use a little more product than normal if the contamination is heavy in order to cut through it.

During the cleaning process you should open all the doors to help the interior to aerate and aid odour removal and even after the cleaning has been done it is advisable to leave them open for a little while longer to aide the drying of the upholstery.

The final step of the process is to deodorize the interior. You should use a good quality aerosol air freshening product, open all the air vents to allow it to penetrate and thoroughly spray the interior then close up the car.

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